November 22nd, 2008

Help with Baked seitan

Ok for thanksgiving I would like to take a rolled out piece of seitan and layer portabella mushrooms roll it up to a log shape and bake it. How ever I have never baked seitan (I always use the pressure cooker). Can any one give me tips on how to bake seitan (please I beg you)?
Also is this a decent sounding thanksgiving menu? I am cooking for my vegan family and my husband’s Omni family. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Chilled pumpkin soup
A creamy cannellini bean (think the flavors of a French cassoulet in soup form)

Roasted chick peas
Deviled eggs (hollowed out tofu with chick pea salad as the filling)

A hope to make a seitan roast

Cornbread stuffing
Steamed broccoli
Green beans
Mac n cheese from Veganomicon
Tofu quiche
Sweet potatoes with vegan marshmallows on top
Homemade bread

Chai flavored poached pears with a coconut cream sauce
Spice cake