November 23rd, 2008


orange scones--tips?

hi there! i have been making plain scones from *The Joy of Vegan Baking* and I would like to adapt the recipe to make orange poppy seed scones. I've been using the chocolate chip scone recipe, minus the chocolate chips, and the scones have been great. I'm just not sure how much orange zest and/or juice I should add to the mix. i am a disaster in the kitchen, so if it can go wrong, it will. does anyone have any tips?


So I'm going to a friends house for an all vegan thanksgiving! yay! however I've been instructed to bring food to munch on throughout the day, before the big meal, so appitizery kind of stuff. My problem is that I'm coming 2 days in advance and am getting there in a 10 hour carpool. So, what can I make that will travel and keep well that will still be delicious for munching on while cooking?

Cheesecloth Substitutions?

Hey Guys, I'm making my pumpkin pie today, I'm making my own pumpkin puree.  But i need to strain it through cheesecloth before I bake it.  I don't think I have cheese cloth here.  Is there anything else I could use?  Maybe like a paper towel with a strainer or something?  Thanks guys!
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Questions about Soup

I want to make the Baked Potato and Greens Soup with Potato-Wedge Croutons from Veganamicon, but I don't particularly like kale. I would normally substitute with spinach, which I love, but my daughter hates it. What would you recommend instead?

Also, I'm looking for a really good but essentially basic mushroom soup. Do you have any favourites that you could suggest? I did check the archives.

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Root vegetable dishes for Thanksgiving?

I have been given the task of making something out of my fresh veggie delivery for Thanksgiving.

I have beets, turnips, potatoes, four whole artichokes, cauliflower, celery, rainbow chard, tomatoes, carrots, and possibly some kale. I'm willing to buy more veggies or other ingredients if necessary, but the point is to use up the veggies before we're all only eating leftovers and the veggies have spoiled.

Ideas? I feel like there is a root vegetable dish I'm forgetting and the ingredients seem to yell colorful at me.

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fake meat with mushroom stems

I know delicious meals can be prepared using fake meat made from mushroom stems. Does anyone have any recipes though? I'm going to try experimenting with some stems once I have a break from school. I looked in the memories, but I couldn't find anything. Thank you so much!