November 24th, 2008

Tempeh-Mushroom Casserole

Many many years ago (ok, seven), just before I went veg*n, I copied this recipe from a cookbook I found in a library or bookstore.  I'm posting a variation of it, because I've changed it several times over the years and the original recipe is long gone.  I would be very much in the debt of anyone who might know what the original cookbook was.  I've always wanted to find it again, because if it has more recipes for comfort food like this, I'll be in heaven.  It's a little involved, so I usually save it for special occasions or when I'm really in need of something that tastes like Southern food (in my mind, it replaces the chicken casserole I used to make when I was homesick).   Apologies for the approximations; I've been making it for so long I rarely measure anything anymore.
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Ace Attorney

Bestest Pumpkin Pie & Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallows

I've tried various recipes for vegan pumpkin pie, using recipes from here and other sites and cook books. I usually make at least three pumpkin pies between Halloween and New Year's and they turn out good--except for one time when it turned out bitter. I'm not sure how that happened... Anyway, I just wondered if anyone had a pumpkin pie recipe that they thought made 'omg the best pumpkin pie in the universe, srsly!' Because, you know, not all recipes are created equal. Maybe I should try Bryanna's recipe. I've only ever made pumpkni pie with tofu.

Has anyone tried a recipe using vegan cream cheese or yogurt? The Food Network site has a couple pumpkin pie recipes I wouldn't mind veganizing that call for those things.

Oh, yeah. If you want vegan marshmallows for your sweet potatoes you should be able to find Concord Foods Sweet Potato Casserole Mix easily enough. It's really delicious. You could buy it just for the little mashmallows and save the spices for later use, too. They would be good in hot chocolate.
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Any tips for a good Tofurky Roast?

This is our first Thanksgiving since going vegan (almost a year!) and despite very mixed reviews my husband and I decided to try a Tofurky Roast. I've heard that it is rather salty so I plan on adding a tbsp of maple syrup to the olive oil, soy sauce and sage baste. I'm also wondering if maybe I should go with a low sodium soy sauce... I'm planning on throwing in some potatoes, carrots, onions and probably some green beans. I've read that it's very important to keep it covered and baste it periodically ( how often is that? ) so that it doesn't dry out. What do you think, any tips? How do you make yours? I really don't want to screw this up. We'll be at my in-laws and it's likely that if I ruin this all we'll have to eat is the pumpkin pie I'm making. Thanks!
Theda Bara

Bacos/Bacon bits in cooking and baking

Is it possible to add Bacos or similar to a dish that is being baked, such as stuffing?  I added Bacos to a soup once (it was my first time using them, I had no idea) and they went all soggy and pale and bleh, although they did lend their flavour to the broth of the soup.  Will they hold up to baking in a cornbread stuffing, or in cornbread itself?  Or would it be better to sprinkle them on top only so they remain crisp and don't go mushy?

Any other tips in cooking or baking with Bacos that I should know about? :)

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