November 25th, 2008


Udo's Choice Oil'

I hope you dont mind me asking this question here since I am only a vegetarian. I normally drink a smoothie for breakfast and in it I mix some flaxseed

oil to get omega 3, but recently came across an oil called 'Udo's choice oil' and it sounded pretty good. Have any of you guys tried it? is it good?
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  • arexjay

The Pre-Made Best Vegan Pie Crust?

I'm going to be making a couple of pies tomorrow. I've never been good with making/rolling dough for things, especially pie crusts (I'm alright with graham cracker ones, but those won't taste very good with pecan or cherry pies). Plus, I'm just trying to keep things simple this Thanksgiving.

So, speaking from experience, what is the best pre-made, storebought, vegan pie crust?