November 30th, 2008

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cabbage as a bread substitute?

I have an intense need for easy food to bring with me to work for breakfast. Due to the work I do, I have to "sneak" the fact that I'm eating there at all (it's something that we all do and it doesn't endanger anything, but it's a pain).
This means that generally I eat sandwiches and things that do not generate trash or require any utensils.

However, I have a gluten intolerence and wheat-free breads/tortillas are really really expensive (and high in calories) so I prefer to do something else. Right now, I'm dealing with the pain of eating wheat out of necessity.

I would just wrap tofu scramble, facon, faux tuna, hummus, whatever in a lettuce leaf, but that is really rather messy and rice wrapper take a lot longer to prepare than I have available time for.

Here's my question:
If I steam a whole bunch of cabbage leaves- could I use those instead of tortillas to make spring roll-esque wraps? Is there anything specific I need to do to make this work (storage, cooking times since all of my experiences with cabbage rolls involved baking, flavors to avoid)?

I mean, obviously, peanut butter and jelly doesn't work, but I have the idea that these would be much neater than lettuce wraps to pack and eat and since I could steam a bunch at once, I would be set for many days in a row.

Any advice or experience with this??

I steamed some last night for about 15 minutes (not soggy, but soft enough to be pliable) and rolled up some facon/veganaise for breakfast today and besides the difficulty with removing raw leaves from the head without tearing (stupid small head of cabbage) IT WORKED!!!! YAY!!!

You guys/gals are awesome, thank you so much for all of the suggestions and alternatives to sandwiches!
ronnie dobbs

Unrinsed quinoa

I'm in the middle of a recipe that requires cooked quinoa. I just realized that I spaced out and forgot to soak my quinoa before cooking it. Did I just waste an entire batch of quinoa? Is it going to taste gross without the rinse step? Thanks!

Edit: Thanks, everybody! When I tasted it alone, it did taste a little different to me, but not entirely bad. Once I mixed it in with the other ingredients, though, I couldn't tell a difference at all.