December 3rd, 2008

Robin Hood

stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese-spinach filling

I found myself with some leftover Tofutti (for once), so I used it to make stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving. No pics--they weren't the prettiest food anyway--but they were super tasty as a side dish, and the leftover ones make a really nice savory snack right out of the fridge.

If you don't like/can't find Tofutti, firm regular tofu would probably make a decent alternative. Press/drain it, then puree smooth, mix in some lemon juice, and adjust the other seasonings as needed until you like the flavor.

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Shara @ Melbourne Sufjan Stevens Concert

Easy, Flavorful, Steamer Recipes!

(Checked the memories/tags on this but they seemed a bit out of date...)

I recently splurged on a tri-tiered electric steamer after realizing that a.) I was beginning to eat most of my veggie dinners cooked in oil and b.) I could use steaming time to get more work done (ah, the joys of being a grad student.)

Anyway. I've been steaming all manner of veg (and grains) with great success, although I'm a little concerned of getting bored. I am an avid cook (on a budget), who usually tries to vary her diet as much as possible... but I'm already noticing a trend towards monotony. I typically buy whatever is in season and on sale at the local grocery, which means I wind up relying on a few economical favorites during any given period.

So I was wondering... do any of you resourceful vegan-cooking extraordinaires have some quick, easy, and *cheap* tips for spicing up my steamer? I'm looking for sauces, seasoning tricks/techniques and just about any other ideas that'll keep me from returning to my sauté pan.


Wintertime Goodies Gift

Hiya! So for my wintertime gifts for friends and family, I'm assembling goodie boxes for them with some yummy vegan candies, cookies, and other treats.

I'm certainly going to try my hand at some Vegan Divinity (wish me luck!), but am wondering if anyone has any other super delicious recipes to share! 'Tis the season for yummmmm, afterall.

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