December 7th, 2008

laughing anima comics 2

gluten free vegan finger food?

Hi, I'm having a gallery opening in a week (my BFA show aaa!) and I'm trying to think of foods I can bake and bring. They have to be easy to hold or put on a little plate and nibble while looking at art -- nothing too messy or like a meal. Just snacks, but classy snacks! My mind keeps thinking of variations of cookies and chips with salsa, but I want to make more special things.

I'm pretty good with adapting regular vegan recipes to be gluten free, so you can suggest ones like that too!
Eat your veggies!

raw brownies/chocolate dessert balls

I'm trying to find a good raw chocolate dessert recipe, something that I can make a batch of and take with me as part of my lunch to work for a few days. I'd prefer a brownie or ball type food. Something that works without walnuts too, as I cannot eat walnuts (other nuts are OK).

Suggestions? I'm looking online, but there are so many recipes that I'd love to find something that someone has tried, loved, and can discuss with me.