December 10th, 2008


Mail-safe candy recipes??

Hello everyone!

I'm part of a nation-wide gift exchange with several of my friends who've scattered across the country. I'm making a jewelry box for my friend and would love to fill it with some homemade vegan candies.

Does anyone have tried and true recipes for candies that won't melt in transit? They have to make it from Oregon to Delaware during prime Christmas-gift-shipping season!

Thank you!
  • bkxhc

Swedish Meatballs

I'm looking for a recipe to make swedish "meat"balls for christmas. I'd really like to use ground round and not do too much of anything from scratch (since i'll be baking/cooking like a madwoman that day, I don't exactly have that much prep time). I use YVES ground round for most things but hate their premade meatballs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't find anything in the archives.