December 20th, 2008

The Corpulent Vegan

I want to write a cookbook and call it: The Corpulent Vegan's Holiday Cookbook. Why haven't the Post Punk Kitchen girls written a holiday book? Wouldn't it be great to have recipes you could rely on for the holidays? Maybe I should do it! It seems like I'm always scouring the internet for holiday recipes and checking the vegancooking LJ compulsively-- oh, I'm a lurker and I steal all of your wonderful ideas ;)

Anyways, here are my vegan sugar cookies and gingerbread men: (In the front row you find Harry Potter and also, a censored porn gingerbread person. Below, the isolated and unhappy gingerbread man-- we often feel more alone in a crowd.) I used Duncan Hines Home-Style Classic Vanilla frosting (heck yeah, it's vegan.) I would perfer to make my own frosting, but I'm under some time constriants. I also made vegan Magic Cookie Bars and peanut brittle. Today, I am making cupcakes (not sure which kind yet) from VCTOTW. Our Christmas party is tonight!!!


Frostin suggestions?

I'm making the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes take over the world, but I'm having trouble figuring out which frosting to use. I was going to make a cinnamon buttercream, but I found a recipe for penuche frosting and I love me some penuche. I'm just wondering if the penuche will go with the pumpkin or if it'll will be too rich.

Opinions or suggestions for frosting? I don't like citrus, so thats out

Getting food processor

For Christmas my parents want to get me a real food processor (the one I previously had was just a blender attachment that was too small and wasn't that great)
I am wondering what size I ask for?
Things I plan to make include (but are not limited to) hummus (that uses one can of chickpeas), vegan Salisbury steak from, various things Bryanna Clark Grogan's blog. Most things aren't humongous servings. Would a 5 or 6 cup be ok for normal use? Is it worth it to get a big one?
Any that you guys are particularly fond of?
Thanks all!

Nondairy butters

Any recommendations for a nondairy butter other than EB? I love EB but I want to make sugar cookies and I often find it too salty for baking sweets. Normally if a recipe calls for salt, I just omit it because the EB is salty enough, however, I have a recipe that does not call for salt. Maybe I'm crazy and it wouldn't turn out too salty...