December 26th, 2008


vegan recipe applications for the iphone/itouch

vegan yum-yum has an application. it's pretty nice. so-far it's only sorted alphabetical, hopefully she'll soon have other categories.

(there's also podgourmet and pocket vegan (which appears to be the same thing, or at least from the same developer) and that's for any ipod, but they cost 7.50. and it's not an application, but a download.)

there's also icookbook and chef, but those don't stand out to me. if any of you know how to build applications, let me know. maybe we can make one based on the recipes that are posted here. it'd be nice to have an application that was all vegan recipes.

so-far i'm using the files application and caravan and accessing word documents that i put together and save onto the ipod. and that works really well, but it'll be nice if it was internet based and updated whenever there's a new recipe that's posted. but that'll be a lot of work.


So I was given a tagine for christmas, and it's a lovely and shiny and new and ready to have a meal made in it. Only thing is I don't have a recipe book for it, and have never used one before. Anyone got any tips, favourite recipes, etc. to share? Thanks heaps!
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save my lasagne!

so my boyfriend's parents are coming over tomorrow to meet mine for the first time and we're all nervous!
my mom's making 'real' lasagne for them but i'm also making this recipe and so far, it looks pretty good but this is my first time making vegan lasagne and my first time making anything for his parents and my first time of both sets meeting! so it needs to be perfect (especially since the cake i made unexplicably split into fours and now needs to be served in bowls to mask this).
i'm concerned it looks like it needs something on top, i want something 'cheezy' but nice looking and tasty enough for omnis (meaning nothing overtly nutritional yeast tastin').
this is starting to sound like cashews would be perfect, i know but that's the ONE thing i forgot when going to the grocery store.
i have almonds though, would that be a good enough substitute? and if so, what should i do with them?
if not, i have walnuts, nutrtitional yeast, and pretty much everything else if anyone has any suggestions for QUICK cheezy kinda sauce/topping to save my lasagne, i'd be way appreciative!