December 31st, 2008

  • meowed

Pumpkin ziti from VCon and Omnis

I've never cooked with pumpkin in a savory dish but I know a lot of people have said the pumpkin ziti in VCon is great. For those of you who have made it, do you think it's omni friendly? I'm making dinner for my in-laws and some friends and I want to wow them and I'm dubious on the pumpkin-as-a-main-dish idea. Do people tend to like savory pumpkin dishes?


If not it, other suggestions??


black eyed pea recipes for new years day

i've never had a black eye pea that i've liked.

i think i have a bag of dried in my pantry, so i'd like to try some for that whole new years black eye pea thing. (i've never eaten black eye peas on new years, and considering the way things are going, i need all the luck i can get. :-)

so, do any of you have any ideas for black eyed pea recipe for someone that might not like the darn things? :-)