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Food for nausea

I am fighting some serious nausea. I know what is causing it (endometriosis and stress), but I can't manage to keep most of the food I eat down. Raw veggies are a no go and I can't just eat crackers (can't find vegan ones anyway grr)
I have been eating a lot of the Thai Kitchen noodle soups but they have a ton of sodium in them which also agrivates my condition. I need alternatives. I just don't know where to start...
Things I have kept down in the last two weeks:
-canned peas and corn...sorta. I kept some of it
-plain pasta (with tomato sauce was a no go!)
-plain baked potato (the olive oil one didn't stick but the totally plain one did)
-Thai Kitchen Ginger and mushroom flavors
-an occasional apple or banana (sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't)

I haven't tried any other veggies. As you can see, two weeks of this is taking it's toll on me. I feel horrid, I am dizzy a lot and have lost weight (which isn't really a problem as I needed to anyway) but I need to actively search for a job and I can't do that if I am throwing up all the time.
Any suggestions?
I need ideas for brothy soups that include some veggies that are easy to digest. Also ideas on how to trick my tummy into keeping my good fats.
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