January 8th, 2009

gangster no. 1

favorite light pasta sauces

i'm looking for a light, flavorful, relatively non-greasy pasta sauce. my roommates and i already inhale pesto and marinara, and i am kinda not a fan of alfredo-type sauces, especially for gnocchi, which is where this sauce is destined to end up. who can point me towards something tasty?

EDIT: eep! i forgot to say that i'm looking to put this stuff on sweet potato gnocchi. i love tomatoes more than anything, but i just don't think they go well with sweet potatoes.

non-fermented/nearly instant injera

i've found 3 different recipes for nearly instant injera. have any of you used them (or used another recipe) for non-fermented injera?

i am looking for a nearly instant recipe cause i wanna eat them tonight and i never have enough forethought to plan a meal days in advance. :-)

should i use that much teff? bryanna's recipe calls for 3.5 cups teff to 1 cup all purpose. i'm concerned, since kittee keeps saying too much teff is a bad thing.

speaking of kittee, she's trying to sell extra copies of her papa tofu zine before she moves, so she doesn't have to lug them all across country. it's packed with ethiopian goodness.

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sun-dried tomato mayonnaise

My boyfriend and I ate at the Earwax cafe in Chicago a couple of days ago, and they served the most delicious vegan sun-dried tomato mayonnaise ever. I've always thought regular mayo was horribly disgusting, but we both gobbled this up. Does anyone know how I could make that or where I could buy some? I'd prefer to make it. I searched on Google, but I didn't find much help there. Thanks in advance!

Chickpea Cutlets?

My boyfriend got me the veganomicon for Christmas and I want to try the chickpea cutlets. I remember reading here that they were much better with one of the gravies from the book, but I can't remember which one.

I was either going to eat them on toast with veganaise or bring them to work with the gravy and some veggies as a side dish.

Can anyone recommend which gravy goes best with the cutlets?

Beans + vinegar = no gas?

I was watching Ready Steady Cook and one of the chefs said that if you mix beans with vinegar (or cook them in vinegar?) they don't give you gas.

Anyone heard of this, or experienced the proof?

Edited to Add: Thanks for the replies, everyone! I was aware of most of the other tricks like washing off canned beans, and I also like to add cumin. A little more research yielded the recommendation to add vinegar only in the last few minutes of cooking, rather than at the beginning - this may avoid the issues some of you had with them ending up tough. Another suggested that when cooking dried beans to add a quarter cupful of apple cider vinegar to the water that they soak in overnight, then rinse them thoroughly before cooking.

For those who have had issues, it may be worth a try, particularly if cooking for those who aren't heavy bean consumers. I will try it myself next time and see how it goes.