January 21st, 2009

Fortune Cookie Success!

Last month, I posted a query about fortune cookie recipes and fortunes for a cookie swap. The cookie swap was a fabulous success, with eighteen different vegalicious cookies, with enough extra to eat some there and take many home.

For my fortune cookies, I searched high and low, and ended up just using a recipe I found repeated in many places, subbing in egg replacer. I made 25, all with different fortunes to make sure no two people standing next to each other would have the same one. Plus a few extra for testing. Fortunes included stuff I came up with as well as some of the awesome suggestions generated by my earlier query.
Recipe behind the cutCollapse )

As you can see in the userpic, they turned out pretty well. I mean, they looked like fortune cookies, tasted like fortune cookies, and had fortunes in 'em. What's not to like?
More pics back hereCollapse )

For a description and pictures of my other recent cookie project (a completely edible gingerbread version of the game Fjords) go here.