January 23rd, 2009

  • jeugd

Tempeh and rice

Has anyone ever tried crumbling tempeh and adding it to rice? I don't know how common that is but I thought I'd share this delicious meal I made a few nights ago.

It was really basic, I had leftover tempeh from another meal I had made. It was really sweet the first time around, baked with sliced red apples on top and apple juice poured over and I wanted something less sweet the second time around. I had some soy ginger dressing left so I crumbled the tempeh and soaked it in about a cup of the soy ginger stuff. I made some rice on the stove and when the rice started to really soak up some water, I dumped all the tempeh and ginger dressing into it.

I didn't really add much else except some pepper but it was DELICIOUS. I ate it for lunch the next day too.

It was so good and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this method and come up with anything delicious. Also, if not, I think you should try it sometime.


Chickpea samosas?

Last summer, I visited friends in Halifax, NS and had the most delicious chickpea samosas at a local fair-trade coffee shop (http://www.justuscoffee.com/ ). Now I want to recreate them, and was hoping someone might have a reliable recipe?
I think I found some good ones doing an online search, but having someone back up a recipe would be even better!
Thanks so much!

Gluten Free Cupcake Question!

I made the "Vanilla Gluten Freedom Cupcakes" from VCTOTW today to bring with me to a birthday party tomorrow. I have not done much gluten free cooking/baking before so I was sure to super clean everything I used to make them and double checked all of the ingredients. As I was putting away the flours (I used Amaranth, White Rice, Quinoa, and Corn flours) I noticed that all of the flours were labelled "gluten free" except the Corn Flour. The ingredients are just "Stone Ground Corn". Should I be concerned that it is not labelled "gluten free"? It's the Bob's Red Mill brand. It would be a shame to not bring them because they came out really tasty, but I don't want to give them to our gluten intolerant family member if they might make her sick! 
Zombie Invasion

Developing a vegan haggis recipe / Burns Night

Considering trying to develop my own haggis recipe - Burns Night is round the corner, as is a friend's (zombie on the left of the userpic) birthday, perhaps even for Kebele on Sunday. Now I've never eaten haggis before, so don't really have a clear frame of reference for what flavours/textures would be ideal. Can anyone help on that?

Had a look at a meaty haggis recipe here (contains meat/offal, not for the squeamish). I'm thinking onions, (toasted) oatmeal, sage, thyme, rosemary, savory, (veg fat) suet, salt & pepper rubbed together and bound with a stock/lentil mix would be a good start, then steam it wrapped in foil (instead of setting out on a short notice and probably fruitless quest to find a vegan alternative to intestine) for a few hours. Perhaps a few more veg in there but not swede (rutabaga) or potatoes as they are traditional accompaniments.

Insights and suggestions welcome.

Edit: For the record, I avoid using meat replacement products (i.e. ground round or burger-style crumbles which I've never seen in the UK) as they can be price prohibitive for cooking at Kebele or don't taste that great compared to wonderful veg.

tonkatsu sauce, panko

I just bought some tonkatsu sauce. It's meant to be used for pork cutlets, but really is just a great barbecue sauce. When I was a kid my mom/grandma used to make panko crusted chicken that I loved with this stuff. Alright now for my question, favorite thing to bread with panko? I just really want to make something with panko that I can use this sauce on.