January 24th, 2009

Bones Belts It Out

Desserts with beer or alcohol

Tonight, I am going to a Geography of Beer Party (featuring local, national and international beers) and I thought in addition to the local beer I am bringing I would bring some foods made with beer. I am already making beer bread but I thought I would bring some sort of dessert as well. Originally, I was going to make lemon bars but then thought, "hey I am going to a beer party, I should make something with beer or some sort of alcohol in it." I have made VCTOTW's margarita cupcakes and they turned out alright but I kinda wanted to experiment and try making something different with either a beer or hard cider (also this isn't a margarita cupcake sort of crowd). The Chocolate Stout cupcakes from VCTOTW sound delicious but I am trying to really limit the amount of chocolate I eat (its my new year resolution and I haven't had any since the new year). Are there any other beer or alcohol-inspired cupcakes or desserts out there that  will appease a mostly non-vegan crowd and beer consiseurs?

Recipe Book

My friend was telling me about this cookbook that she absolutely loves, and I wrote it down as a note in my cell phone, and of course I just deleted it and can't remember the name of it for the life of me.  It was something like 101 (or 121 or 151, you get the idea) Favorite Vegan Recipes or 101 Vegan Recipes, something like that.  Anyone know what I'm talking about??