January 31st, 2009


Substituting in Brownie Mix -- A place for mayo?

I have a brownie mix which seems to be vegan and I am trying to figure out the best way to sub the called-for ingredients. The box tells me to add...
1/4 C. Water
1/3 C. Vegetable Oil
1 egg

I've made these mixes successfully before using ground flaxseed but they came out heavy and dense and I'm looking for a slightly lighter texture. Would this be a good place to use veganaise? I've been excited about trying it in baked goods, but I'm very inexperienced at baking. Any advice would be appreciated!
Amy with magnifying glass

Hemp for breakfast!

Okay, vegancooking, let's talk hemp! I scanned the memories but couldn't find a definitive answer or a sound suggestion, so I'm hoping opening up the topic will get me some answers.

I'm trying to moderate my soy intake a bit, because it can get a bit obsessive. For whatever reason, though, soy is one of my favorite things for breakfast. Scrambled tofu, soy yogurt, soy milk... I'd have them all in one meal if I could! I have, actually. :D I'm definitely getting into other milks and hemp milk and I are getting along famously, but I'm looking for a new yogurt and my local HFS isn't cutting it. They've cut down their non-dairy yogurt to just Silk Live and a few combo packs of O'Soy and I think they have one rice yogurt brand? Well, I'd like to make my own, which I've researched, but I'm wondering how using hemp milk will work. Googling got me few and contradictory answers, so I come to you!

Have any of you successfully made yogurt with hemp milk? Did you find you had to add thickeners like arrowroot or agar? I would REALLY like to use hemp milk for yogurt versus other non-soy and non-dairy milks because of the stellar nutritional profile. I'm thinking some hemp yogurt, chopped up strawberries, bit of agave, over walnuts and oats. Oh man.

Also, and this is just a side question. Tempeh. For whatever reason, I don't usually lump it in with the soy I'm moderating. I guess I feel like it's a freebie because it's a relatively unprocessed, fermented food. Someone set me right. :D