March 1st, 2009

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c is for cookie

my friend's mother, a famous cookie cook, has (repeatedly) offered to make me vegan cookies if i will only send her a recipe. i do not know any recipes, being an indifferent to poor baker, and most of those that i find include things like egg replacer, earth balance, or agave. i absolutely do not want her to go out looking for any ingredients, so they have to be cookies made of things that a nonvegan baker would have on hand - brown and white sugars, vegetable oil, baking powder.

can anyone direct me to a recipe that might fit these criteria, and maybe also show her that there's something to be said for this vegan baking thing?

**edit** wow, thanks for all the responses! earth balance and milk replacers are both out but i will still have a ton of recipes to suggest thanks to you folks.

Croquette recipe

So I am looking for a croquette/pattie/something recipe.  I don't know exactly what it would be called, or made of, so I need some help.  Basically, I'm looking for something that I can make a patty out of (not a burger patty) and then fry or bake.  Like a veggie patty or something.  I made the croquettes in Vegan with a Vengeance, but they seemed to be missing something.  Any croquette recipes that you really love??

Thank You!!