March 6th, 2009

Overcooked Beans

Hey, I have a question for ya'lls.

I've been a little spacey lately. I started some white beans cooking in my slow cooker on high last night around 6pm. I totally forgot about them. I woke up just now (almost 8 am) and noticed the beans still bubbling away. This is obviously much longer than required to cook beans (as they were on high). Are they still okay to use? They look a little... fallen apart, but I was just planning on making a white bean hummus out of them anyway, so I don't mind so much. They never ran out of water, so they aren't burned, just super cooked.


Oh, does anyone happen to have any non-chickpea hummus/spread recipes? I just planned on wingin' it, but if anyone has any great recipes already, I'd love to try them out.

Non refrigerated simple foods.

I am going on a road trip that will be aprox. 24 hours long. I hate doing these sometimes because I usually have to eat potato chips and trail mix. This time I want to make a couple of things to take with me that are real foods and don't need to be refrigerated. I was thinking of making up a batch of hummus and bringing some veggies along, and also some cookie bars. Do you guys know of any simple things that I can make that don't need to be kept cool and won't get yucky over the course of a day? I am thinking along the lines of veggie dips and bars. beyond that, i'm stuck. any ideas? bonus points if it's healthy! thanks!

Unrefrigerated Tofu

I apologize, because I know this might be in the memories somewhere, but I'm wondering--our power went out for a few days earlier this week (nasty snow storm).  The kitchen was cold enough, and I figured that vegan food, for the most part, wouldn't really go bad.  Well,  I opened a package of tofu a minute ago and sliced it up to dry--there were some funny off color spots, so I took a taste.  Oh man, it was awful.  So I'm guessing the tofu is bad?  Am I going to die since I ate some?  (Pardon the hyperbole.)  What else can go bad?  Off the top of my head, aside from veggies, there was some unopened silk creamer which tastes fine, but also a bunch of gimme lean sausage and beef, some tempeh, margarine, and hummus.  Should I throw it all out?  I'm trying to search, but am not coming up with anything about unopened, unrefrigerated tofu.  Thanks!

ETA:  Thanks for the advice, everyone!  The fridge has been purged, and I'll probably spend the rest of the week getting that stinky tofu smell out.