March 8th, 2009


Creative cooking

I was studying at a fast-food restaurant the other night and I heard a girl order a grilled cheese sandwich with all kinds of condiments on it - pickles, onions, sauerkraut, ketchup... upon which my (vegan) husband, the waiter, stopped and smilingly remarked "Noone eats this creatively unless they are or have been a vegetarian." The girl laughed and agreed, that yes, she was one herself.
It made me think about how my becoming a vegetarian and then later a veg*n diversified all of the foods I eat now and how creative I like to get with the foods. For example, I love to put peanut butter, or chocolate and a bit of cinnamon in my chili (essentially, chili mole). Or fried tempeh sandwiches with grilled onions, Thai-accented peanut butter and roasted red peppers.
So I was wondering - what are some of your favorite 'creative foods' you like to cook up that you feel you developed due to your dietary/lifestyle change?
Bones Belts It Out

Squash and tofu ricotta calzone

My partner and I have been on a real pizza and calzone kick lately. On Valentine's Day, we made pizza and last Sunday we made calzones. Mine had VWAV's tofu ricotta, spinach and WF's vegan meatless meatballs (sorry no pics of that) and it was super tastey. A few months ago, my grandmother gave us a box full of squash. We were able to identify most of them (butternut, spaghetti and pumpkin) but we could not figure out what this one is:

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I think it might be a Ukrainian winter squash but I am not sure.

Anyway, with said mystery squash, I decided to make a squash and tofu ricotta calzone.

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While the dough was rising, I halved my mystery squash, deseeded it, and placed fleshed sides down in a glass casserole dish filled with about an inch of water. I then placed in the oven (at 350F) and let it cook for about an hour. During this time, I halved  VWAV's tofu basil ricotta  recipe since I always think the full recipe is way too much.


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It was pretty tastey but I would definitely put a little more rosemary in there and possibly maybe add some white beans or spinach to give it a little something extra.