March 14th, 2009

Marshmallow Kit - Product Review

Hello! I am VERY HAPPY to report on this vegan marshmallow kit. Its made by Angel Food, in New Zealand, and maybe everyone has known about this for ages, and I'm just living under a rock, but these turned out really well!

I bought the marshmallow kit from food fight in Portland; I want to say I paid $6-7 for it but this was purchased several months ago. The directions are in metric (mL instead of cups) and were time intensive (you must own a mixer, preferably a stand mixer, and have a friend to help), however the marshmallows set well! The directions call for vanilla extract, which I was out of, and substituted a little almond extract instead. The taste and overall texture is similar to what I remember, but a tad rubbery. They taste fine in hot chocolate and get squishy, but don't melt away. They are, however, superb microwaved in s'mores (I haven't tried roasting them yet). One kit makes ~ 50 marshmallows (an 8x8 brownie pan, you cut the size/# you want). I am looking forward to trying their other kits in the future as well as more marshmallows!