March 18th, 2009

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Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: Word to the Wise

I'm moving in two days and wanted to make a huge batch of cupcakes for my going-away party. I can't take food with me, and I was out of soymilk, so at the store, I cheaped out and got a little quart of rice milk to make the cupcakes with. WELL. While the cupcakes are still delicious - rich flavor, fluffy texture, you know - the tops look sooo funny. They're all flat and pathetic and will certainly make for a lame presentation post-decorating. Plus, they're sort of caramelized - which isn't bad, per se, but certainly adds nothing to the cupcakes. I really wanted soft, cute, round tops like cupcakes should have! This wasn't such a disaster that now I'm embarrassed to serve the cupcakes, but seriously, a little sad here.

So my word to the wise is this: when a vegan recipe calls for a specific milk instead of "non-dairy milk", use what it tells you! In this case (obviously), use the soymilk if you want truly decadent cupcakes, not delicious-but-disappointing cupcakes.

Coffee and a New Blog!

So first things first:
The Vegan Alchemist!

It has Squidgy! And waffles! And exclamation points!

And so this isn't just promotion:
To make your morning coffee experience at home better than a cafe:
Per 4 cups coffee, add 2 cardamom pods* (crushed) and a half teaspoon of cinnamon to your grounds.

Since discovering this simple trick I've stopped using sugar in my coffee because its just that delicious.

*if you cant find the pods, try using a half teaspoon of the powder. I havent tried this though, so I can't guarantee the same results.
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miso soup

Hello :) I originally posted this in veganpeople, but it was suggested that I move it, so here it is!

Let me preface this by saying that I really am a horrible cook and things that are really simple for most people are like huge brick walls to me.

With that said, what are your favourite recipes for miso soup? I have tried a bunch (from cookbooks and online) but they end up watery and flavourless even though the miso I am using is perfectly fine.

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

tofu for fried rice/enoki mushrooms

Today I came up with the idea of putting tofu scramble in fried rice with veggies kind of like how I've seen it done with eggs.
To make the tofu I just took some tofu and mushed/crumbled it up, added some Braggs, and a good amount of nutritional yeast and cooked it until it was crispy. It went really well with the rice and veggies.

I have a bunch of enoki mushrooms, these guys:

and I've never cooked with them before. Any ideas?