March 19th, 2009


Dinner party menu

I'm inviting some omni friends over for my husband's birthday dinner tomorrow. I'm planning on making a lasanga with homemade tomato sauce- heavy on the olive oil, with chunks of black olive and roasted garlic, tofu ricotta, spinach, and whole wheat noodles if I can find any. I was going to serve it with (lots of) garlic bread, asparagus, a salad, and two kinds of cupcakes for dessert. Thoughts? Should I make some sort of appetizer?
Setting the scene?

Delicious vegetables

Hey, I want to start incorporating more vegetables into my diet. But I heavily dislike salad. I much prefer cooked vegetables, but am sick of the ol vegetable curries.

What are some yummy spices/sauces/condiments/flavourings that I could put with vegetables?
Or ways of cooking them?

Thanks heaps in advance!

quick camping food

so, i'm a lucky person who works seasonally in a national park (yosemite), so i usually get two months off in spring and again in the fall.  since i never have enough money to travel internationally, i tend to just road trip and camp around the western states.  my bf and i have a very small trailer with a two burner propane stove, and a small cooler (not a fridge) and that is the extent of our cooking equipment while we're on the road.

since this is not the first time we've done this, i have a set of things that i usually cook, but after two months of eating pasta, burritos and stir fries we get pretty tired of them.  so, i was looking for ideas of quick cooking (20 minutes or less... we have to conserve propane) recipes that use no (or minimal) ingredients that need to be refrigerated.  any ideas?

and i don't mind hearing your pasta and burrito ideas, because you probably make them different than i do :)


EDIT:  i should also add that we always try to have veggies around that don't spoil easily... onions, garlic, potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.

tofu grilling advice

So I am very comfortable frying tofu, and I have tons of at-work experience grilling things I don't eat (steak, chicken, ribs etc). I just bought a grill for my home kitchen and decided I wanted to start grilling my tofu to cut back on the fat. My first attempt looked great but wasn't even slightly crispy.

I did all the common sense tricks; pressed extra-firm tofu, marinade, oiling the grill....I don't really need recipes or anything, I'm just looking for some tips or something that I'm missing. I don't usually like the texture of frozen tofu, but would that help here? I ended up finishing the tofu with a sesame glaze in the oven but I'd like to be able to eat it right off the grill.

Thanks in advance!

raw food recipie websites?

hi guys. i post here because it seems like you have a vast amount of info here. i don't want to join a raw lj group because i honestly am not intersted in turning raw..BUT i am interested in trying out some raw recipes to reduce electricity use during the summer and spring. doesn't have a good amount of raw recipes...i looked on the profile of this group and saw no raw recipies..when i looked in the memories it was books, and i'm strictly interested in raw recipie websites.

so can you share any you know of?

thanks :)


just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever catered their own vegan wedding?
my boyfriend and i are starting to make serious plans and i'd like to make all our food to save money and just 'be sure' of everything but i'm not sure how do-able this is time wise and in terms of cost wise. is it still cheaper?
we're looking at having around 50-80 people too!
and i already plan on doing the cake so i'm starting to worry maybe i'm biting off more than i can chew...

my boyfriend and both of our entire families are omni so we'd also need something that's not 'too weird' too and that they COULD add cheese too theoretically, if they wanted to. i could maybe get away with a full vegetarian wedding but i don't think anyone invited would be ok with a full vegan one.

we're gonna be doing this most likely in upstate new york, if anyone knows anywhere good to get food there or in the city if cooking starts to sound too unmanagebale/we could get his parents to help on the budget.

if anyone has any tips or ideas or anything, i'd appreciate it!

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In need of Traditional english main meal recipe

On monday I'm cooking for an Italian exchange partner... I want to impress!

Usually at home I eat asian, mexican, italian, french, morrocon, but very rarely english... if i do it's been premade such as a linda mccartney country pie and vegetables.

In italy they cooked me really good food, spaghetti, gnocci, cheeseless pizza, ravioli, canneloni, lasagne, frittatas (deep fried pizza puff doughnut type things), really good salads, risotto and more...

I eat similar stuff sometimes in england if not indian, thai, japanese, chinese etc, but realise my italian friend will be expecting traditional english cuisine, and usually eats quite a lot at meal times (pasta is just a starter!)

any ideas for fairly straight forward, flavoursome, good vegan traditional English meals?

Please help!