March 22nd, 2009


How to make choux pastry with no eggs?

I remember making a lot of "soesjes", profiteroles when I was a kid, and an important step was to incorporate a few eggs one by one. Has anyone here ever succesfully made these without eggs? I never even considered it, because the eggs seemed so important, but now I want them!

The recipe I used to use was this:

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Anyone have an idea? TIA!

(I used the tag for cream puffs because it sounded the most logical)

road's end products

i'm curious of your opinion of the road's end "chreese" products (mac and chreese, sauce mixes and nacho chreese dips)?  i've seen them for years but never tried them...

also, what other ingredients do you need to make the mac and chreese and the sauces?  soymilk, earth balance, etc.?

i'm considering taking these on my road trip that i last posted about...
Roly Poly

A birthday meal to try out Vegan Soul Kitchen

(Spicy red beans and sausage, roasted asparagus with rosemary salt, roasted-potato salad with parsley pesto, and no-knead bread)

I made a dinner for my friend's birthday and used it as an excuse to try some recipes from Bryant Terry's new Vegan Soul Kitchen. I was already a fan before using the book, and now all the more so. Go get it and eat (and drink) deliciousness! The asparagus and the salad came from the book. The red beans were made up on the spot, and the bread was based on this recipe, with a bit of freshly ground whole-wheat flour thrown in for good measure.

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