March 26th, 2009

Mexican food ideas?

Hey I'm making some mexican food tonight for about 8 people

I was going to make these delicious pumpkin taquitos that some one posted a few months ago but I would like another side dish with lots of veggies and something that non-vegans would like. So what are some of your favorite mexican dishes????

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Canned Pumpkin

I was craving the pumpkin waffles from VWAV the other day, but I'm only one person so I quartered the recipe. The problem is that to make them I had to open a huge can of pumpkin puree. I'm tired of making pumpkin bread/muffins. What else can I do with the rest of my canned pumpkin? I tend to put little bits of it in things while I'm cooking (oatmeal, bread, rice...) but I want to use up a bunch of it before I forget that it's in the fridge.

Favorite pumpkin puree recipes that are NOT breads, muffins, or pies?

pizza crust!

hey everyone. my housemates and i are hosting a pizza-off tomorrow night... basically, we're making a big batch of dough for crust and the participants are showing up with their sauces and toppings and we're firing up a bunch of vegan pizzas for the competition.

i usually make this super yummy crustCollapse ), which, when made with sugar and oil and white flour, is perfect and fluffy... but one of the participants in the pizza-off has requested that i make a somewhat healthier crust, preferably without white flour.

does anyone have a WINNING pizza crust recipe that uses spelt, kamut, whole-wheat, or a combination of flours? i don't want it to be tough, and i DO want it to be easily cut, easily cooked, and good with all sorts of flavours of pizza (because i have no idea what everyone's making). tried, tested and true sil vous plait - this is tomorrow so i can't test it myself!
also we would like to just throw these on a cookie sheet for 20min in the oven. we'll have a bunch of pizzas to cook and we definitely don't have a pizza stone.

thanks so much for any help you can provide, and i DO recommend my pizza crust recipe.

Raw 'peanut' sauce recipe


This is a raw recipe, but it's just so good, I want to share it with everyone! After making a delicious (but fattening) 'peanut' sauce recipe I'd found in a book, I wanted to figure out a way to make a healthier version with fewer pricey ingredients. This is what I came up with:

Amazing, guilt-free 'peanut' sauce...Collapse )

"Salsa Xocolatl" help

So I got a 110g can of mixed spices called "Salsa Xocolatl" which will be expired in April.

It contains mostly dark chocolate chips, salt, almonds, sesame, red pepper and garlic and the label says it is a "famous mexican meat sauce".

Click for a pictureCollapse )

So I'm a complete amateur when it comes to Mexican food and the only way to have it I can think of is with roasted tofu and rice, which probably will quickly get boring when I want to use it up during the next few weeks.

Any ideas of what I could do with the "Salsa Xocolatl" mix will be welcome!
Thanks in advance!