March 27th, 2009

Setting the scene?

Low Carb, high protein foods

With all the carbs I have been eating, it has made me really bloated and weighed down.
I would use more tofu, but I can't seem to find any that is cheap enough.

I was wandering what your advice would be for what food I should use more of to make my meals more filling, not so expensive, with not too many carbohydrates? (I don't ask for much, I know :P)

Thank you in advance for all of your wonderful ideas!

Favorite Potato Nomnoms?

As my darling wife pointed out, potatos are incredibly cheap and we're going to try to do acouple of potato type dinners this week, since it's a sort of poor week. I've been doing a bit of Googling, and found some tasty looking dishes, but I was wondering if anyone had some lovely, favorite potato type recipes that they'd like to share that are relatively inexpensive and nutritious?

We're going vegan this week, so we don't yet have vegan cookbooks to help. Any recipe is most appreciated! :)

Stir fry expirment: lentils!

I wanted a stir fry, but I had no beans or tofu in the house and I needed some protein. So I thought I would try making a stir fry with lentils. Sounded weird, turned out amazing.

As a bonus, this recipe can be made entirely without the use of cooking oils and it is still super-tasty.

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Peppermint Flavor?

I'm making the chocolate-mint cupcakes from VCTOTW for my husband's birthday, but Whole Foods didn't have any peppermint extract, just peppermint flavor. (which is oil based rather than alcohol based) I *could* go to another store to get extract, but I really don't want to. Do you think the flavor would work, or should I just suck it up and go shopping again?


i just bought a bag of dried hijiki, and need some recipes on how to prepare it. hijiki has a very strong flavor which i honestly don't like it at all, but i want to find recipes to use it in that help mask the flavor of it because of it's high iron and calcium content. please post any recipes you may have.. especially if they help make the flavor a bit more bearable. thank you:)

Tropical Green Smoothie (ala The Other Side Cafe)


I was visiting my brother in Boston last weekend and I was pretty determined to seek out some good vegan food since Boston is a vegan Mecca compared to where I live. Since I was dining with 3 omnis we tried out The Other Side Cafe (very hipstery) which seemed to have a good mix of vegan, vegetarian, and omni dishes. We were all very happy with the food, which seems to seldom happen with people of mixed eating habits. I got the vegan diner breakfast and as I was feeling rather extravagant the Tropical Green smoothie as well. It was my first time trying a smoothie with avocado in it and after a very sips of adjustment I realized it was delicious. So I made a note of the ingredients and tried making it at home today with success. I'd say mine was slightly more to my liking as I tweaked how much of the ingredients to put in.

-1 avocado
-the juice of 1/4 of a small lime
-1/4 of a fresh pineapple (de-rinded of course and chopped into chunks)
-a small handful of spearmint leaves
-splashes of almond milk as needed to get the right consistency
-a few small chips of ice just to make the smoothie cold

Throw in a blender and pulse away.

I feel really energetic and alert after drinking this, the same way I feel when I eat a raw meal. Definitely a good breakfast or lunch.
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Vegan izing French Foods?

I am currently perusing the tagged entries on French foods, but I was just wondering if anyone had a really fantastic French anything recipe they'd like to share?

Or just some helpful tips since I would think French food would be one of the more difficult food ethnicities to veganize?

I'm particularly interested French recipes for proteins . . . tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc. etc. Thanks in advance!