April 1st, 2009

Aaaand another salmonella outbreak

This one from black pepper, though it looks limited to a less-common brand. Still, yeesh.

4 in Ore. sickened; ground pepper blamed:

By The Associated Press

PORTLAND — State officials say four Oregonians from the Portland region were among 42 sickened in a salmonella outbreak traced to ground pepper distributed by a California company, much of it to Chinese and Vietnamese establishments. The product was also distributed in Washington state.

The Public Health Division says the Union International Food Co. of Union City has launched a spice recall. The ground pepper was under the Lian How and Uncle Chen labels.

Dr. William Keene of the Oregon Public Health Division says the outbreak began in December, and investigators found the source by testing products.

He said Monday investigators are trying to determine whether any pepper was sold directly to retail consumers.

Other cases were reported in Washington, California and Nevada. For details about the products: www.ufunionfood.com.

Almond Feta

I got the April (or May) issue of Vegetarian Times in the mail over the weekend and there were several recipes for vegan cheeses. Some of them looked typical (and like things I've made before), but one caught my eye. It was gorgeous and sounded delicious: The Almond Feta. I did modify the recipe a tiny bit to my liking. (I used more garlic and added white miso because in my experience, these two things really "make" a nut cheese.)
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Where do I buy "wet" seaweed? o_0

this is a strange question..

but an asian restaurant near me makes this amazing seaweed soup. it's a clear soup with a few mushrooms and a ton of big green pieces of thick, delicious seaweed. i'm on a total seaweed kick lately, and if i don't find some to make my own version.. i'm going to go nuts!

so the problem is that i can't seem to find seaweed at ANY stores. i've been able to find nori sheets for making sushi rolls, but that's it.

how would the seaweed even look? would it be wet? dried? is it produce? is it nonperishable? i have NO idea.

there's a whole foods 45 minutes away that i've yet to check out, but i don't want to drive there unless i know it's a sure thing.

am i out of luck unless i hit up an asian grocery store?

Dinner Party Appetizers

I'm in the process of planning a menu for a dinner party for about 30 people. Of course, it's all going to be vegan (and nobody will care because it will be delicious), but I'm at a loss for what to do for appetizers. It needs to appeal to a wide array of pallets (many omnis wary of vegan substitutes, some picky vegetarians, food loving vegans and a celiac) and I'm on a really low budget. It's a kinda fancy cocktail party setting. I'm already making hummus and buying things to dip into it, but I'd like one more thing that's easy to assemble but has a good presentation and is cheap. It needs to be edible without utensils while people are standing around.
I'm already making (all vegan) spinach and mushroom lasagna, garlic bread and chocolate gluten freedom cupcakes.

Cold meals?

I've been a lurker for awhile but I need some advice.

I have some friends visiting this weekend, 4 veg and 1 vegan. They're in a band so i'll be traveling to their show, and then they'll be crashing at my place but I'd like to bring them dinner.

Does anyone know any good vegan recipes that can be served cold or room temp? We won't have access to a microwave/oven at the venue...

Thanks in advance.