May 9th, 2009

lemon cake conversion questions

Hi! I was recently asked by the mother of a customer at the store where I work to make a cake for a party she's having. I'm really excited to have this opportunity, because I live in a community where people are all about paying people they know to do cool stuff! So I'm hoping it turns out. Anyway, I found a recipe in the tags here for a lemon cake, but I'm struggling to figure out a couple of things:

- how much cake to make to feed 15-20 people
- how to convert a recipe from a smaller to a larger - can I just double it? or are there other baking science-y things to consider? I generally bake on instinct, which works out for me about 80% of the time, but I want to cover all my bases
- and a basic question I should just learn: converting from grams to cups

here is the original recipeCollapse )

I'm not super concerned with the recipe aspect of it, and I have some ideas of my own for the frosting, just how would you convert the cake-y part? I was thinking that for 15-20 people I could make two sheet cakes and layer them. Thoughts? Thanks!!

Enchilada sauce suggestions?

I just tried to make enchiladas for the first time and utterly failed. Not because my filling was bad (it was amazing, actually!) or because I cooked them too long or anything like that -- the canned sauce I used (Las Palmas brand) was TERRIBLE. Apparently I am not alone in this sentiment: "...It was tempting to throw all the enchiladas into the trash!" And I actually DID throw them all in the trash. ;)

I have found plenty of recipes for making enchilada sauce from scratch, but to be perfectly honest, I'm kind of a lazy cook sometimes. I'd much rather have a can to open and pour! All of the recipes using canned enchilada sauce I've found don't indicate a specific brand. I couldn't find any specifics mentioned in the memories/blog search either.

Do any of you have a preferred brand?