May 21st, 2009


Canada Day and Independence Day Potlucks

I'm really sorry if I've messed up the posting, but I tried to check the tags but still need some advice.

Ok firstly I should mention I don't live in Canada or the US. A couple of good omni friends of mine are going to be celebrating Canada Day (July 1st I believe) and Independence Day respectively and are having what they call 'family nights'/potluck dinners. Usually when I go to potlucks at their place I usually just take Chili.

However what should I take for Canada Day? Maple syrup is expensive here so I don't wanna use too much of it.
The only idea I have is to take Pumpkin Pie for Independence Day, but also need something for Dinner.

Also we are all college students so it would be great if it were relatively cheap and could feed between 8-12 people.
Any suggestions, websites and recipes would be helpful. Also I don't have a crock-pot and it preferably needs to be easy to transport, although their house is about a block away from mine (5min walk).

Thanks in advance!

P.S. We are currently in the middle of winter here as well.

Mesh beans?

I'm not sure I'm using the correct word for them in english; tiny green beans, perfectly round. If anyone head of them, could you please tell me how long they need cooking.
Also, I'm planning on baking a vegetable quiche from these, egg replacement and corn flour, is the such a recepie? Do you think it'll be too heavy?

Thanks in advance!
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French food?

I'm taking a summer French class which will be ending soon, and we're planning on having a potluck for one of our last days. We're encouraged to bring something related to any francophone country.

I was wondering if anyone here could recommend me something to bring which is simple, unique, inexpensive-to-make, and (most importantly) vegan. (Perhaps I'm asking too much with all that, hah.) I'd prefer to bring some sort of tasty sweet treat or snack, because those generally work well for potlucks, but it seems that everything I find requires lots and lots and lots of egg and I'm not sure how well I could go about replacing such an integral component or if it would even be worth it.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks :)