June 3rd, 2009

under the mountain

Hominy Grits

Can anyone recommend some simple, tasty recipes for hominy grits? I'm mostly interested in savory recipes, but if you have a favorite sweet preparation I'd love to hear it.
(note: I'm using boxed Quick Grits, so I'm not looking for ways to make the grits themselves as much as ways to dress them up)
Roly Poly

Backpacking food

I just got back from a couple days backpacking on the Washington coast. We made some of our own backpacking food, so I wanted to share the menu and recipes.

  • Instant oatmeal plus home-dried apples
  • Coconut-milk lattes

  • Wasa crackers with rehydrated hummus (from bulk--no idea what brand, but we added olive oil)
  • Dried apples with Maple-Almond butter

  • Curried rice noodles with cashews and vegetables
  • "Backpacker tacos"

  • Trail mix (bulk from co-op)
  • Chocolate-coconut-seed cubes (also bulk from co-op)
  • Home-dried apples
  • Dried mango from Trader Joe's
  • Peanut-butter-filled pretzel chunks from Trader Joe's (hands-down favorite)
  • Chocolate-chip Clif bars

    All of this got packed in Ziploc bags (the oil was in a bottle in a bag), which then went into the (required) bear can. One bonus of using a bear can is that things break less than if you just crammed them in your pack, which we particularly appreciated with the Wasa crackers. I haven't had any pre-packaged backpacker food recently, but my hiking partner attested that this was better, and it was cheaper and lower in sodium to boot.

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