June 13th, 2009


Brown Rice Bread Recipe?

I'm looking for a recipe for brown rice bread that is similar to the Food For Life brand. There are a lot of recipes out there, but I really like this brand and I'm looking to replicate it. It's yeast-free, if that helps narrow down the recipes. I tried to make one recipe, but it came out very crumbly. Any suggestions would be fantastic.
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Spicy soup with corn, potatoes, and beans

Here's what I had for dinner tonight: spicy, savory soup with corn, potatoes, and beans. It turned out really, really well - my non-vegan brother ate a bowl and liked it, which was a big surprise. I was going to serve it with the scallion flatbread from Veganomicon (I have a ton of scallions to get rid of), but then I got lazy. Maybe that will be lunch tomorrow, and I can find out how this tastes as leftovers...

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