June 14th, 2009

  • iswari

Baking with Agave?

I've successfully used agave in making fruit crisps/crumbles and in a cupcake recipe that had called for maple syrup. While I probably wouldn't want to use it in cookies, because liquid sweeteners tend to make cookies cakey in a way I don't like (I prefer crisp/crunchy cookies), I want to start using agave in more of my baking, for health reasons (it falls low on the glycemic index)...particularly in cakey things like cakes, cupcakes, muffins and fruit-breads.

Also, is it possible to use it in frostings or would the liquid texture preclude this?

I tried looking on Amazon and there is a book about baking with agave, but the reviews were not good. So, I'm turning to you, vegancooking folks, to help me with the following:

1) Any tips for converting recipes with regular sugar to work with agave nectar?

2) If you've made any stellar (or even really good) agave-sweetened baked goods, I'd love it if people could post the recipes or links to recipes in the comments. (If you have recipes you don't want to post publicly, feel free to send me a message privately.)

3) Any tried-and-true resources (cookbooks, websites) for agave-sweetened recipes?

Whale's Tail

Rice milk instead of soy milk?

Hi, all.

So, in an effort to get a more balanced, less ridiculously soy-heavy diet, I recently switched over to rice milk. (I still eat insane amounts of tofu, but it is just so darn good!)  However, I've been having trouble when I cook with it.  I've made three recipes, and they've all turned out weird.  I've made mushroom stroganoff, "creamed" corn, and corn fritters, and none of them have thickened up properly.  In fact, in the creamed corn, I had to almost triple the amount of cornstarch to get it to thicken, and then it was weird and pasty.  Am I doing something wrong?  All of these recipes have worked well with soy milk.  I'd like to get this figured out before I do any baking with it.

Any tips would be helpful, and thank you in advance!

First ever recipe post!!!

I've always loved coming here for recipe ideas or questions, but now I can finally post something!  My mom and I just moved to a new place, and we finally made our first real meal in it.  The idea came from a friend of hers and my sweet mom was nice enough to try to make it veganized.  It's basically just a burrito made into a lasagna.

We used a casserole dish that ended up being perfect because it was the exact size of the tortillas.  Here's how the layers went, from bottom to top:
Start with a bottom tortilla (after greasing the pan)
black beans with some shredded cheese (we used follow your heart which my very omnivore mother even said was decent enough)
refried beans
rice cooked with a little bit of lime juice and cilantro (gives it a delicious smell)
black beans and refried beans mixed together
technically, you should just have each layer be a separate ingredient, but it was getting to tall.
we baked it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (which was a complete guess) and then let it broil for a couple minutes to melt the cheese on top.  (I actually broiled it too long because I was playing with my kitty and forgot to pay attention, but it was still good, just a little crispy.)

We topped it with tofutti sour cream and some salsa and had some fresh snap peas on the side, and it was uber-yummy!  I've never had much faith in vegan cheese, but my mom saw it at the store and decided to give it a try.  You couldn't really taste the cheese, but just got a little hint of it.

And if I knew how to put pictures on, I would post one!  It actually turned out kinda pretty!