June 27th, 2009

  • jlb88

iodine free cheese

Should just give up on my love of cheese because of the carrageenan and iodine ingredients? I'm trying to avoid it and soy, carrageenan and agar agar came up as positive for iodine. I looked back on the memories for cheese and the ones I saw contained them. I remember seeing a recipe using cauliflower but I'm forgetting the key ingredient and may be wrong.
  • lutin

seitan o'greatness - revisted!

I'm making my first seitan o'greatness today to celebrate the vital wheat gluten I found in the cupboards. As I was making it, I kept on thinking about Field Roast's (??) apple, potato and sage thing, and that adding some apples or other veggies could make an interesting addition. Has anybody else done that? What did you use? What were the results? Etc. 

cucumber overload

my house dumpstered about 50 cucumbers the other night, and i'm wondering what we can possibly do with them! i know we're gonna be eating a lot of salad, but is there anything cooler we can do with them? can we make raita or tzatziki without buying premade soy yogurt? i also thought i might make my dinner night tea party-themed and do some cucumber sandwiches.

your help is MUCH  appreciated. there are cucumbers everywhere!