July 2nd, 2009

Sabrina Flowers

Broccoli Cream Soup and Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie recipes

Hello All,

I just joined the community, and just restarted the vegan lifestyle. I was last summer, then utterly wasn't, then vegetarian (but eating fish), then I went to China and, my god, there was no paradigm, and now I'm back to vegan. Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I've been cooking, since I just improvise, and if it turns out well, I try to repeat the results.

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I'd be happy to post more recipes that I create/augment - I'm a big fan of experimentation, and I love reading all the ideas you all have posted so far.

Rudolph dance

seitan o greatness and Vegan Vittles

Anyone else notice that the seitan o greatness recipe that is floating around is almost exactly the same as the Vegan Vittles recipe?  I couldn't get to my computer (the kids were hogging it), so I started flipping through books for a recipe, and they were the same. 

Anyway, I made seitan with Penzey's Breakfast Sausage seasoning.  Let you all know how it comes out : )