July 6th, 2009


You guys always have the best recipes. Do any of you have a cheesecake recipe that even omni cheesecake lovers will enjoy?

I asked someone to pick up some tofu for me and he bought a ton of mori nu silken tofus. i need to do something with all these. Everyone here wants cheesecake so HELP PLEASE. :)
hedwig bw

Hors d'oeuvre ideas

I am throwing a bday party this weekend for my roommate and I need some hors d'oeuvre ideas. I haven't got a big budget and the crowd will be mostly omni (including the birthday boy), with a few vegans and vegetarians. I want to make sure there are plenty of veg options that our omni friends will eat too. The last thing i need are a ton of leftovers!
I need recipes that are cheap, simple, and classiness is a definite plus.
any ideas?

Chickpeas? Black Beans?

 Hey guys, 

I have a BUNCH of cans of chickpeas, some "fresh" tomatoes that are almost going bad, onions, garlic, left over whole wheat buns and some quinoa and wheat meat. (A la seitan o greatness). I also have some cans of black beans and red kidney beans. 

I have NO IDEA what to make for dinner tonight using those ingredients. Can anyone give me any ideas. Even if I didn't mention a specific ingredient (BBQ sauce? Tomato sauce?) please feel free to give me any recipes that you've used! 

I was hoping to make the PPK's snobby joe's but I don't have any lentils. Could black beans be substituted do you think?


endless knot

Cookie Sandwich filling

I'm planning on making cookie sandwiches for my friend's birthday.  I'm going to make the sparkled ginger cookies from VWAV, but I'm at a loss as to what I should put on the inside.  Any ideas/recipes?  I've got something thick and a little tacky in mind, something white, with a flavor that would compliment the ginger and other spices of the cookies.  I feel like regular frosting would be too thin and whispy.  Thanks!