July 9th, 2009


Ma-Po Tofu

I just made this for dinner and I thought I'd might share it with you all. (and shameless plugging for my new blog)

2 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 package of soft tofu
1 cup veggie protein crumbles
soy sauce (or soy sauce alternative)
vegetable oil
water at hand
chinese chili hot sauce (optional)
scallions (optional)

1. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in hot water until soft.
2. Cut the tofu into cubes. (I used soft tofu in this case.)
3. Cut the scallions. Separate the whites and the greens.
4. Set pot on burner and turn on heat to high. Wait until the pot is dry and hot before adding a bit of oil to coat the bottom of the pan.
5. Add
shiitake mushrooms and scallion whites. Stir-fry until mushrooms are lightly burnt. Add protein crumbles.
6. Add 1 spoon of soy-sauce (or 2 spoons of Bragg's). Add a bit of water to prevent the crumbles from drying out and burning. (This is also where you add the hot sauce if desired.) Stir.
7. Add the tofu and stir. Add water if needed to prevent from drying. Turn heat to medium. Close the lid and let it sit for about 30-45 seconds before stirring again.
8. Do a quick taste test. If too salty, add a few pinches of sugar. Stir and pour into bowl.
9. Quickly heat the scallion greens into the pot for about 30 seconds. Garnish the dish.

Recipe here: http://theveganabc.blogspot.com/2009/07/ma-po-tofu.html

comm troy escape goat

vegan, wheat-free camp food ideas?

I seem to be allergic to wheat and I've just cut it out of my diet this week. (Me=wheat-free n00b. Who already feels a zillion times better.) Cooking at home isn't hard so far, but I'll be camping twice this summer and I'm trying to come up with meal ideas. Beyond replacing pancakes with oatmeal, I'm drawing a blank. Gluten is fine. It's just wheat.

This is backpack camping, not car camping, so weight is an issue.

Any ideas? Or if you have other advice about living wheat-free, I'll take that, too! I'm going through the tags but I can use all the help I can get.

Japanese Mayonnaise

I've been lacto-vegetarian my whole life, and am now much closer to vegan (though I occasionally allow myself my slip-ups), so I don't really know what Japanese mayonnaise tastes like. Given how little I like the taste of egg, I'd rather keep it that way. However, I want to try making vegan sushi pizza, for which Japanese mayonnaise must be used. Have any of you experimented with this? Can anyone give me any tips on how I might approximate the flavour?

I use Spectrum brand canola-based eggless mayonnaise, although I wouldn't mind getting one of the tofu-based brands instead.