July 26th, 2009

3 Alarm 3 bean vegan chili recipe & argan oil question

I am without tofu/vegan soy meat here in Morocco so I make this dish once a week for a high protein kick. I love spicy food so I try to make this as hot as possible!

(Please excuse that annoying white dot, damn photoshop was on the paint setting and I didn't notice the speck until after saving the picture.)

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left over bits, raw foods.

I make my own almond mylk and Im curious what is everyone favorite way to use up the left over nut bits. I have made macaroons, cakes, cupcake and pie crust with them before, but they seem to be a bit too moist if you dont give them the proper time to dry out again.
what about left over juicer bits? around my house we tend do a lot of carrot juice (or carrot mixed into the juice) and i have made mock salmon with it and Im going to have a go at raw carrot cupcakes today.

I, personally, am not fully raw but a lot of the people i live with are. so any ideas for raw foods would be awesome!

thanks in advance!