July 28th, 2009


Wedding Food Porn

My wife and I did the desserts for my sisters wedding a week or so ago. Behold some of the awesomeness:

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Unfortunately, I don't think that I got pictures of the truffles (almond paste, and coconut) or the various cookies. The main meal (seitan cutlets in a peanut/coconut curry) was buffet style, so not exactly photogenic.
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how to make the tofu pockets for inarizushi?

Does anyone know how to make inari tofu? They're the thin little pockets of tofu used for making sushi, and taste like they've been marinated in soy sauce or something. I don't know if they're available in my new city, but I'm really craving them.

Googling "how to make inari" just turns up info on how to stuff the premade inari with rice, not how to actually make the tofu. Or is this even something that can be done at home?

I know they can be found at many Asian markets. I am not asking where to get them. I am asking how to make them, in the very likely event that they are unavailable where I currently live.

EDIT: Any recommendations on how to turn your average block of tofu into something yummy to roll up in rice and nori would be appreciated.

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