August 28th, 2009


I've been making this otherworldly coconut cake lately (sorry, don't have the recipe with me right now) and make a coconut 'buttercream' frosting for it, and then top it with shredded coconut. It's really delicious, but the frosting is too sweet.

The frosting ingredients are as follows
coconut oil
non hydrogenated palm oil
a dash of salt
coconut milk
powdered sugar

To get it to the right consistency of a fluffy buttercream I have to add a TONNNNN of sugar to it. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with using other ingredients to sort of extend it without using so much powdered sugar. Corn starch is out because I'm allergic (but not so allergic that the small amount of it in powdered sugar bothers me) (so is anything that has wheat/gluten/soy) 

Also, while delicious, I don't really want to do something that really departs from frosting (like topping it with fruit or something). I'm really going for the whole traditional american junk food cake here, only vegan, gluten free, and more delicious than any other cake you've ever had.


Vegan Yogurt

 Both of the grocery stores near my house have stopped selling vegan yogurt and I live in the middle of no where so there are no health food stores near me. So now I have a few questions...

Is there any way to make vegan yogurt at home?

Are there any online stores where I can buy vegan yogurt?

I found a recipe on VegWeb that used tofu to make something *like* vegan yogurt, does anyone have any recipes like that? 
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