August 29th, 2009

Broken Biscuit Cake

I've not really got a sweet tooth but broken biscuit cake was my very very favorite thing at school. I wasn't vegan back then and I have a feeling that at school it was created by scraping the bottom of all the cake tins and whipped it up with some chocolate. Either way it was the best thing in the world ever... literally.

Anyhoo, anyone ever made it vegan successfully? For some reason it seems like it would be easily veganisable but wouldn't mind a tried-and-tested my caramel shortbread failed abysmally (one of my flat-mates ate it and loved it even though the caramel sank into the shortbread but she's a sweet-a-holic) so am now wary of biscuity cake things.

Thanks in advance.

Crêpes filled with garlicky chard

I finally got the crêpe recipe from Vcon to work (I think the key was to use my oldest, best-seasoned cast-iron skillet). I'm madly in love with chickpea flour.

I filled them with this Swiss chard recipe adapted from Mark Bittman:

Collapse )

These would probably be good with Cheezy Sauce on top. Next time I'll try that.