September 12th, 2009

Cooking for a baby. Hello rut.

I am getting so tired of pasta and bland beans. I am pretty sure my daughter will be tiredof them soon, too. We eat lots of other foods but beans and tofu are a staple around here.

Any suggestions on making beans more appealing? My normal method is to spice the crap out of them but that is clearly not appropriate for a baby. All my cookbooks seem to be full of spicy and salty recipes none of which I can use. I would love some beans and rice, beans and couscous, or other recipes suggestions and ideas.

Also any other simple,fast recipes appropriate for a baby. She is ten months old but eats table food just fine. She loves mini vegan veggie pizzas, bean burritos, lasagna with tofu and veggies, almond butter on biscuits, edamame, fruit of all sorts. Either way I feel like I am on a revolving diet of the same few meals and I need affordable, easy recipes that don't call for lots of ingredients because money is tighter than tight right now and most vegan recipes seem to require 10,000 ingredients at least 5 of which are only available in health food stores. :P

Anything in or on a crust is a bonus because she loves tearing into pockets of things and picking veggies off of pizzas to nom.