September 15th, 2009


red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting + baking questions

hi guys! i am still transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism. i buy and make only vegan food but because i am very very poor, my bf usually brings me (vegetarian) food from his chef that is probably very often non-vegan.

however, i managed to make some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting the other day!

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i have some problems with the end products though..

1A. the cupcakes had a very spongey/bouncy texture - not like moist and soft as a cupcake should be. is this because i substituted all the vegetable oil for applesauce? i also substituted sugar for brown sugar.

1B. i had a similar problem while making chewy double chocolate chip cookies (i think it's from the recipe from ppk..? i don't remember exactly but it's a popular recipe). they turned out like cookies that taste (and feel) like brownies. not a bad thing, but not what i was going for. i also substituted all the oil for applesauce. i also left out the ground flax, as many comments said that leaving that out didn't make a difference.

2A. the cream cheese frosting was too sweet - i only used maybe 3 cups of sugar and i added the entire package of tofutti in and it was still just sweet and not cream cheesey-sweet. i don't really remember how non-vegan cream cheese frosting taste like but how can i make the cheese part more noticeable?

2B. i made vegan mocha cheesecake the other time (i posted before). again, lacked the cheese factor. it just tasted kinda tofu-y. i did add a lot of tofutti too.

2. my new (it's really an older house, it's just a place i just moved into) place is straight out from the 18th century. i have a gas oven. how does this affect my baking? my cupcakes were slightly burnt on their butts and stuck to my foil liner : (

3. how do YOU like to frost your cupcakes? these were my very first cupcakes, i was too lazy to make a homemade pastry bag so i kinda slapped them on with a teaspoon.

sorry i cheated on the number of questions with the parts A and B! i would really like to improve my baking (and then go on to cooking normal people food.. like pasta and vegetables and grains).

thanks again!