September 22nd, 2009

Pumpkin Puree

My sister-in-law got a little overzealous when planting pumpkins last spring, and I've just ended up with a crapload of them. I plan on roasting the seeds, and dicing up some of them for recipes, but even after all that I'll still have a ton left. I plan on roasting/making puree out of the rest of them, but does anyone know if you can freeze pumpkin puree,  and if not what are some of your best recipes that use lots of pumpkin? 

strawberry cupcakes!

So, it is my roommate's 21st birthday this weekend, and I want to make her cupcakes. I have decided on strawberry cupcakes. My other friends are baking her a regular cake, which I clearly can't eat, which is why I thought vegan cupcakes would be a fun addition to the party. And if they are strawberry, they will be different from the chocolate cake.

Main issue: Out of all of the vegan cookbooks I have; no strawberry cupcake recipes. I searched online for quite some time, and found a few (see below), but I'm nervous the cupcakes will be too muffin-like. My idea of how the muffins would be is vanilla cake w/ strawberry puree/bits or something mixed in somehow, with a vanilla frosting (perhaps with pureed strawberries) and whole strawberries on top.

I did find the Joy of Vegan Baking recipe on Google books, which is what looks best now.

Has anyone tried any of these recipes or another one, or have idea helpful hints? I have had some cupcake disasters in my life, and don't want this to happen at the party.

Minor issue: My friends are baking her a regular cake...and asked if I wanted to go shopping for ingredients with them and bake it with them. The cake is non-vegan, so I didn't think it was weird of me not to want to buy ingredients for it. Helping to make it wouldn't be as bad, but it still makes me feel weird. So I suggested I make vegan cupcakes and we could all bake together. What would you in this kind of situation?

A banana dilemma!

So I've got some bananas (probably 6 or 7) that I've been meaning to make banana bread with. I'm talking super ripe, mushy brown bananas. Unfortunately, we're going through another ridiculous heat wave and it's way too hot to even think about using the oven. I'm not sure if the bananas will last until the end of the heat wave (which will hopefully be this weekend). Any ideas for ANYTHING that involves super mushy, ripe bananas? Or should I just suck it up and deal with the heat and then treat myself to some delicious banana bread?

Thanks :)

EDIT: Thanks everyone. For some reason, I had forgotten that bananas can be frozen and they're now in the freezer, waiting for cooler weather!