September 23rd, 2009


LF Gluten-free cookie dough recipe

We just picked up an ice cream maker and now I'm dying to make my own coconut milk ice cream with gluten-free cookie dough, and wondered if anyone had a good standby recipe for just the plain unbaked g-f dough? I know some cookie recipes are just amazing eaten out of the bowl, and others really need to be baked before they get delicious. I'm looking for the former :D

If you have a recipe that you know keeps a good texture when frozen, that's even better.

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Vegan: too cute

Beets! or, help make my dinner?

I have a few organic beets to use up from my weekly CSA box.
I've NEVER had or made beets before.

I've gotten advice from ppl to boil em with some salt, eat em that way.
Or roast in the oven with oil and salt, but it's over 100 degrees here today so i don't really want to use the oven today.

Is it possible to nuke them? if so what would one suggest doing with them exactly? they may serve as a side dish with some pasta tonight, or a salad.

also, what do i do with the greens? it's a whole bunch of beets, the greens and the root!

Thanks in advance!

Freezing Broccoli?

Hey, all!

One of my friends gave me a HUGE bag of broccoli today! I think I'm going to make a curry with tofu, broccoli, and some Seeds of Change jalfreezi sauce that I just picked up at the store... but I'm still going to have a ton left, and I'm leaving town in the morning. I'm thinking about maybe freezing it? Does anyone have experience with freezing fresh veggies? I think that I should probably steam it first, but I'm not sure. I COULD make it into a cream of broccoli soup if I need to before freezing it, but I'd rather just freeze it straight.