September 25th, 2009


Cupcake Help!

I invested in VCTOTW recently and am having a few problems - mainly with the frostings.
I've been using the Buttercream Frosting recipe, but every single time the frosting just doesn't hold up and isn't anywhere near thick enough the retain its position or shape. It's pretty much melting right off the cupcakes - I'm waiting until they're cold, so it's not heat doing it.
I am unable to get shortening here, I have looked everywhere - supermarkets, health food stores, even asian groceries just incase, I just can't get any. I've just been using margarine and omitting the shortening. A lot of the time I have to add several extra cups of icing sugar to make it thick, and it just gets ridiculous to add more to get it to hold.
What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I can change to fix this? Does anyone know a substitute for shortening (I'm in Tasmania, Australia)?
Thankyou for any help!
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sugar craving and lacking equipment

Help please~ I am having a major cookie/sweets craving, but I am in rural Japan and the home I'm in only has a stovetop and a broiler. I have access to sugar (white and brown), canola oil, baking soda, flour, spices, and salt. I don't have cocoa or peanut butter. I may be able to get baking powder. Anything sweet and easy would be wonderful. I'm allergic to eggs, milk, and tree nuts.

Thank you!
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vegan Kool Aid cake?....

SO I came across a recipe for Kool Aid cake and thought...oooo...what a neat idea! I wonder what cake recipe would suit it best? 

My question is, have you guys ever tried a vegan Kool Aid cake? If so, what were your impressions? What cake recipe did you start out with first?

Here is where I got the original idea btw...but it lists using a prepackaged cake mix (ew), and besides those not being anywhere close to vegan, I prefer to make stuff from scratch anyway.

Any help much appreciated!

Oktoberfest Food and White Eggplant

My mother and I are putting on an oktoberfest dinner this sunday since we can't afford to go to the local festival this year.  She will be cooking bratwurst for herself and my brother, and there will be saurkraut (which I despise) and vegan potato pancakes (which hopefully will be good - I've never had success with them before).  Anyhow, I would love some ideas for other things to make.  I could just get those vegan brats that they have, but I'm trying really hard to stay away from overly-processed foods.  I would also love a great dessert to make with it, but it's gotta be decently easy cause I have a few desserts I need to make this weekend.

Any help please??

Edit: And I got some white eggplants, I think the guy called them japanese eggplants, about a week ago and I really need to use them but I don't know what to do with them!  Do you treat them the same as an ordinary eggplant, or is the taste different enough that it only works with other recipes?

Thank you all so much for your help!!  You have always been wonderful!