September 29th, 2009

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how does stevia pair with cocoa? what do you put in your green smoothies?

I was wondering what folks' experiences have been with stevia and cocoa. I've heard stevia pairs TERRIBLY with carob, but is that also true of chocolate? I'm wondering because I'm trying to come up with a simple flavor to accompany my otherwise unflavored protein powder. The kicker is, it needs to mask the taste of spinach, too. This is what I have been doing thus far:

+ 2 - 4 oz frozen spinach
+ 2 T cocoa powder
+ 1 T sugar
+ 1 t instant coffee granules
+ 1 t vanilla
+ 3 T protein powder*
+ 8 oz water

Usually, I make green protein smoothies with lots of fruit, but I'm living the poor college student dream right now. I hate using table sugar, but I don't know what sweetener I can substitute that's also nutritious AND cost effective. (Stevia's cost effective only because I already have it. Agave and maple syrup would not be for that reason.) I'm open to changing my current go-to recipe, so any feedback on nutritious but cost effective solutions to my green smoothie dilemma are welcome! However, I'm still interested in folks' experiences with stevia and cocoa; their potential pairing beyond smoothies is something I'd like to experiment with if people have had tasty results.

Thanks in advance!

* Just wanted to mention, I use Genisoy's protein powder. It's vegan-certified and jam packed with vitamins, so it's as good as taking a multi. The unflavored kind has 25g of protein per serving, and while the other ones only pack 15g, they taste much better than other protein powders. (Though the flavored ones are sweetened with fructose (not to be confused with HFCS), and I haven't decided how I feel about that...) I jog, cycle, and lift weights, and I looooove this as a supplement. Any vegans looking to up their protein intake or increase their vitamin load - pick some of this up!

Pumpkin Cookies!

Just FYI I posted a photo of how the tacos turned out on the original post!

Anywho, I think someone asked for the pumpkin cookie recipe I mentioned the other day, so I'll go ahead and share that.
I just made these 2 days ago aaaand.. they're almost gone now. The only difference was I added a handful of chocolate chips to mine...
Collapse )Not sure where the original recipe came from, as a friend sent it to me (snail mail.)
This week has been pumpkin week. The temps have been so cold, it's definitely felt like fall. Pumpkin veggie soup, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin ale, pumpkin spiced oatmeal.. :d