October 18th, 2009


Flavoring Stock Options

Ok. So I've been using Kitchen Basics: Natural Vegetable Cooking Stock as seen here:


For all recipes calling for Vegetable Stock. Which so far has only been my Lentil Soup, haha. I love it in my lentil soup, but have not found a bouillon/powder version of it.

But my local grocery store sells it for $3.45 a package-- and the package isn't even recyclable where I live. (I hate taking out my trash but love recycling w00t) Not to mention that it makes the stock the most expensive item out of the entire recipe.

There is no vegetable bouillon cubes at any of the stores I've checked in town. The bouillon option sounds much more economical (w00t money) as well as coming in either a glass or plastic container that is recyclable.

So my idea is to order some Bouillon cubes off the internet. Which brings me to my question:

Which brand of bullion cubes actual tastes good?

I've found these at the Vegan Store:

Celifibr Chickn Bouillon Cubes

Harvest Sun Bouillon Cubes (also carry it in powder form. don't know if it'd make a difference?)

Edward & Sons Bouillon Cubes

I found these under basic google search:

Rapunzel Organic Vege Bouillon No Salt Added

Better than Bouillon which has a "chicken" flavor and a "beef" flavor.

My second question is: Are there certain recipes you would want to avoid a "beef" or "chicken" flavor? Like am I better off just sticking with the vegetable stock only that doesn't try to taste like anything?

That's it, thanks for your answers and recommendations if you have them!

I looked at a previous post and it seemed a lot of you leaned towards Edward and Sons Bouillon cubes. But what do you think now?