October 24th, 2009


anonymous comments. course of action.

i think vegancooking is an amazing community. not only because of you guys, but the majority of anonymous comments that i've seen throughout the long history of the community have all been so awesome and informative. (we're lucky that we haven't encountered any trolls or spambots. to my knowledge, at least.) we recently ran across one today that appeared to be intentional pimpage more than just someone who loves a particular book and doesn't understand what veganism is, and it's prompted us to make a poll to see whether we've missed a larger percentage of rude anonymous comments.

it doesn't appear that we can ban specific IPs, so the other option is to close off anonymous comments, but allow open ID. (i'll check to see if that's an option.) the one thing with this is that some anonymous commenters might not know what open ID is, or not even have a blog/website to sign in with, and just give up. i don't want to make this place an inhospitable environment for genuinely helpful non LJ users, but if the ratio of unhelpful comments is higher than i was thinking, i suppose that's what we'll have to do.

we did implement reCAPTCHA for anon comments, so spambots are stalled, but it appears that LJ's methods are circumventable. (as evidenced by vegan_talk. luckily there's a report spam button if you hover over the usericon of registered spambots. unfortunately anon commentors have no usericon.)

in communities, screened comments are a pain in the asparagus, so that's not a viable option here. (mods aren't alerted to unscreen new comments, and members just don't bother to unscreen. it's too much work for everyone involved.)

if you are a regular commenter that doesn't have an LJ account, we definitely want your opinion too, so please speak up. even if you can't vote, your opinion is still valuable. (also, check out open ID and see if you'd be able to do everything needed if you'd still like to comment in the case that we disable anonymous comments.)

Poll #1475791 anonymous comments

what is your experience with anonymous comments in vegancooking

i've only experienced positive anonnymous comments
i've experienced mostly positive, but the occasional unhelpful annonymous comment
i've experienced enough negative anonnymous comments to be aggravating
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Roasted Veggie Sides

Hopefully this is an on-topic request! My doctor has told me that I'm not getting enough protein so I'm trying to eat more. I have sooo many root veggies and I'm planning to roast them. Any ideas on how to put more protein into roast veggies (which I assume doesn't have much) or what I can serve with them that has lots of protein?

Just in case you're wondering I'm roasting brussel sprouts, turnips, butternut squash, maybe carrots, and probably some onions.

Thanks in advance!
endless knot
  • arexjay

Eating vegan in Barcelona, Spain

I'm traveling to Barcelona, Spain in January and was hoping those of you who have traveled there or live(d) there can give me some recommendations. I will likely eat out a few times, but am going to try to stick to buying my own food as much as I can (I pretty much only eat fruit and salads), so I was hoping for some good farmer's markets, fruit stands, grocery stores, etc. Restaurant recommendations are welcome, too, and since I'm traveling with an omnivorous buddy, recommendations on good dishes to order at "normal" restaurants are greatly appreciated!

Thank you, and hopefully this is an alright topic for a post here.

Gardein - tastes just like chicken?

Chef Tal Ronnen was on the Oprah show last week - He made a dish with Gardein Protein & everyone was saying how great it is.

Have any of you tried it? I saw the pricey little morsels at Kroger
I was going to try it but it had a Nov 5 use by date. Since the refrigerated health food isle at my local Kroger can be covered by cobwebs, I didn't know if the Nov use by date meant it was sitting on the shelf for a few months, or if there is a short shelf life of the product.

If anyone has tried it I would love to hear what you think.