October 25th, 2009

Frosting Help!

Hey, all. I'm currently in the process of making chocolate cupcakes for my omni staff. Last minute, I decided that I wanted to make frosting to go with it. I'm in possession of a tub of tofutti cream cheese and a bag of delicious semi-sweet chocolate chips. Any ideas on how to turn these ingredients into a crow-pleaser? Thanks :)

Maca Powder

I just bought a big container of maca powder and I am a bit lost as what to do with it. The only thing I have used it for is to make shakes or smoothies with coconut milk.

I understand it can be used in baked goods and other dishes, but I haven't found too many recipes outside of smoothies.

Does anyone have any good recipes that use maca powder?


Holiday Baking Help

I am new to celebrating the holiday season as a vegan.  I would like to make a vegan pumpkin pie, and also some Christmas cookies.  I haven't made pie or cookies since the vegan switch last New Years, so I was hoping that you could give me some help.  I was ecstatic when I made a cake that rose, was moist, and delicious.  I would like to be that happy with pie and cookies.  My favorite kind of cookies are oatmeal, and I haven't had any for probably about a year now:( 

I would be ever so thankful for tested and approved recipes for pie, especially pumpkin.......and cookies, especially oatmeal.  Thanks.