November 6th, 2009


Just made this (along with aforementioned hazlenut biscuits) for fireworks tonight, turned out much better than my previous attempt at cinder toffee.

4 tablespoons on golden syrup
100f caster sugar
2 teaspoons of bicarb

Heat the syrup and sugar over a medium heat (swirl the pan but don't stir in case it goes grainy), keep heating until it's bubbling and brown (but not burnt), then take of the heat and quickly stir in the bicarb which should make it bubblier. Turn it out onto a baking sheet on a baking tray and leave to set for 20 mins. You might need to set it in the fridge if it's humid. Once set it's best broken up with a rolling pin and is lovely by itself or dipped in chocolate. If you crush it it's also delicious in soya yoghurt with fruit or with chocolate sauce crumbled over Swedish Glace.